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Another testament to the quality and effectiveness of Harvard® products is the number and types of industry applications where Harvard filtration and purification systems are used.  Harvard takes pride in designing and manufacturing systems used in a vast array of applications in numerous major industries:

  • Government


    Harvard filtration systems are used at all levels of government: federal, state, local and military. One of the primary objectives of government applications is to reduce the energy “footprint”. Harvard filters support this effort by reducing the amount of lubricants that are purchased and disposed of, and making hard-earned tax dollars go further.

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  • Construction Filtration

    Construction Filtration

    In most cases, the construction industry is reliant on a coordinated effort between multiple contractors and builders. Equipment failure experienced by one contractor can create a ripple effect causing costly delays and downtime for other contractors and the job as a whole.

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  • Mining Filtration

    Mining Filtration

    Mining is another example of an industry where fine dust and dirt particles can damage everything from equipment directly involved in the mining process to the vehicles used for material transport.

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  • Trucking & Engine Filtration

    Trucking & Engine Filtration

    When trucks roll off the assembly line, OEM filtration systems may not be optimal for the toughest filtering demands of every job and work environment they encounter. From mining to concrete manufacturing, truck engines and hydraulic systems can be exposed to excessive amounts of dirt and dust not found in more typical uses.

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  • Aggregate and Concrete

    Aggregate and Concrete

    Aggregate and concrete are great examples of industries where invasive dust and other very fine particles are prevalent and are extremely harmful to engine, tool and machine performance. 

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  • Oil, Gas, Power, and Industrial Plants

    Oil, Gas, Power, and Industrial Plants

    The primary challenge in Oil/Gas/Power/industrial plants is downtime. The cost of downtime can be up to $2,500+ per hour. A Harvard Filtration System can reduce downtime by making the equipment last longer, increasing time between service intervals, and the equipment can keep running during routine filter changes.

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  • Other Industrial Applications

    Other Industrial Applications

    Harvard systems are used in a wide variety of applications, with new applications being developed every day. Please contact us to see how we can help you!

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